At Norsk boligservice, we have a wide catalog of homes, located in the best areas of Gran Canaria, and we care about accompanying you and making the process of buying your home easier.


Whether you want to rent a property or looking for a temporary home, our specialists provide unparalleled advice on owner decision-making and numerous options for those who want to live in Gran Canaria.


When it comes to selling, our services are designed to help maximize the value of your asset and help you through every step of the transaction process. Whether you are an experienced or first-time owner, our advice is always personalized and transparent, guaranteeing that whatever your needs are, they will be covered.

Legal and Tax

At Norsk boligservice, we know how tedious the process of buying or selling a home can be. For this reason, from the beginning, our goal is to offer you maximum peace of mind and security in the process of buying and selling with the best legal and tax advice.